Radio Silence

It’s been almost a year and a half since I last posted. There’ve been so many changes, I don’t know where to start, but briefly: I completed my MBA with a focus in sustainability from the University of Portland in December 2017, and returned to Honolulu in January 2018. It’s great to be back into my routine of the gym or yoga on weeknights, and surfing on the weekends and holidays. I’m currently a marketing coordinator for a global engineering firm and loving it. For a year, I lived quite frugally in a roommate situation. But last month I moved into my own Waikiki 1 bedroom, and after the initial lunacy-of-nesting/interior designing that I put myself through every time I move into a new place, I can finally relax. Most locals I talk to would never choose to live in Waikiki, but the urban nature of it is what I’m most familiar with. The nighttime antics of the local crackheads don’t bother me, and the proximity to my home break and gym were major attractions. I love being able to walk 5 minutes to check the surf in-person, and being surrounded by so many restaurant options that I can’t imagine being able to try them all in my lifetime. There are some blocks of Waikiki that are beautifully manicured for tourists, and there are other blocks that feel like the urban beach that time forgot. I live in one of the latter. But once inside, it’s my sanctuary. And I don’t remember being this calm or happy since the last time I created a nest. It’s amazing what a curated home can do. It also speaks to my ability to let go of perfection a bit that I didn’t prop style my nightstands and left all my crap on them for the world to see. Baby steps toward a less OCD life.