So Many Moves

7 moving.jpg

In the past 30 years since college, I have lived in 8 different cities, and in at least 20 different apartments or homes. I'm a pro at packing, moving & unpacking. But over the years, I've acquired alot more stuff. I've got it down to 27 large plastic bins (sustainable, because I use them over and over again), not including furniture or surfboards. What I could once pack & move in a weekend, now takes a week. And another week to unpack. Putting it all in it's place, however, is an ongoing effort. I love nesting, designing my living space to be both functional and beautiful. In this latest move to Portland, I have arranged and rearranged my furniture 6 times. I think it's less about being indecisive, and more about trying to create functionality in a small apartment. Plus, my home is also my office. I'll post photos once I get the arrangement JUST right. ;)