Hello again!

After a 3-year hiatus from the blogosphere, I'm back. We left off in 2012, at the end of my Honolulu condo renovation, and I was just so burnt out, I had nothing interesting left to share. I loved the final product, and my home was truly my sanctuary. I have since sold that condo (at a $110,000 profit, thanks to the renovation) and relocated to Portland, OR where I've been studying at the Heritage School of Interior Design. So far, I've taken an Intro to Hand Drafting course, AutoCAD, Sketchup and Revit. I'm in the midst a kitchen and bath class, and the foundation course which is 18 hours a week for 12 weeks. Next week, I start the advanced Sketchup class. It is much more rigorous that I thought it would be, but I love learning about this industry, especially surrounded by others who are equally as passionate.