Back to Reality

I'm sure you can all relate to the post-vacation blues. Well, I've got 'em bad. But I fully realize how fortunate I am. I'm so grateful for 6 golden, sun-shiney days of waves (even if they were small); 1 day of surfing in thunder & lightning, and watching a funnel cloud form & dissipate on the horizon; snorkeling with turtles; meals with friends; time for 1 nap; and the 1st world ability to even take a tropical vacation while a full-time student. 

When I moved to Portland, I never thought of it as a forever move; only a detour to get better educated so that I could increase my earning potential and possibly return to the warm tropics. Right now, while I'm missing the salty waves on a visceral level, I'm finding it hard to focus on that "long game" (as my dear friend K calls it).

But, fortunately, I've got the distraction/motivation of my final project in interior design fundamentals, which is due in a little over a week. And little bits of nature to keep me connected to the islands. I've pulled the shades open to let as much PNW sunshine in as possible. Easy tricks for making my apartment feel warm-ish; until the 70 degree days forecasted for later this week. Life is good. And reality ain't a bad place to be.