In Search of More Time

Full disclosure, I'm still in school full-time, studying interior design at the Heritage School of Interior Design. I'm in classes five days/22 hours a week. And, because this program is so rigorous, I average 24 hours/week on homework. Essentially, going to school is my full-time job. Updating this blog is my part-time job. I tell you this not to complain, but to explain why I'm not taking on full-service clients right now, just remote clients. In May, when I start the MBA program at the University of Portland, my schedule will actually be more forgiving, and I'll be available to do more full-service jobs. Until then, I continue to learn about my new trade, Portland's many industry resources, meet my local interior designer peers and mentors, and get inspired by the uber creative residents and verdant natural surroundings.

But sometimes I just need to take a break and feed the well of inspiration. Last weekend, I had a good friend in town, visiting from Palm Springs. We went to the Portland Art Museum. They have a great exhibit of indigenous art, a top-notch permanent collection of traditional European and contemporary American art. I highly recommend checking it out.